Friday, October 29, 2010

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More trains connecting the capital Merano

CS, 29 October 10

introduce a night train and one in the morning with colleagues Bolzano Merano and vice versa. He asked on a question raised alderman responsible, the Provincial Council of the PDL Mauro Minniti that "if one part should be set up communications in order to best use the train to Rome at 6.30 am, the other should efforts so that, on arriving late at night in Bolzano, find a train to Merano and facilitate the return in val Venosta Passiria or without having to use a bus or car uncomfortable. "In recent weeks, the exponent of the PDL has collected several complaints from travelers Vinschgau Meran or that, arriving after 23.30 in Bolzano for study or work or have more trouble reaching Merano to the absence of a train or the inconvenience of using a bus however, does not expect any delays rail. "Many people who are forced to return by train to Bolzano fact of 23.30 - said the leader of the PDL - are forced to use private car for the return home, uncomfortable and even relatives or friends still favoring the traffic on the road. So it seems absurd to be able to establish a new train to Rome in the morning pesto, without thinking about the connections suited to facilitate the use of that train. " Ultimately Minniti, in his question, asks that the opportunity to create the two rail links are missing.

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Minniti: "Urgent anti noise barriers"

Alto Adige, 26 October 10

Intervention needed in the area as a Fermi and close to the tracks

Excessive noise from traffic and trains in transit

Sinigo is under constant siege by the traffic which means that air pollution is an acoustic for much of the day and especially at the height of tourist season. "I asked a decisive intervention by the provincial government to eliminate Sinigo to coincide with the way the noise produced by crossing the Fermi Me-Bo highway and railway. " This was announced by the Provincial Council of the PDL Mauro Minniti that the issue has brought a specific question. "The inhabitants of Sinigo - continues politician - demand decisive action by the provincial government, as in other places on the same road, to eliminate the decibels of noise from the significant of the important traffic artery. These incidents must also add those produced by the passage of trains on the line to make it unbearable Merano-Bolzano the quality of life of residents. Should be a priority of the Government reduce the decibel limit for noise produced by even the onset of diseases related precisely to this unfortunate incident, "concludes Minniti. It should be remembered that the transit train is right behind the area around the sports field: the houses are separated only by the binary cycle. Trains on the Merano-Bolzano passing at high speed also supported by the fact that for years now to Sinigo the station has been abolished and therefore no longer have to slow down to stop.

Friday, October 22, 2010

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High School: risk closure

Alto Adige, 22 October 10

Tommasini, "In the city a more technical direction." The commissioner met with the teachers' colleges

'Save' Science in the city would still six addresses

Paul Piffer

Merano. Suppression of study "traditional" Science does not speak more practically. Rather, it appears in the viewfinder is the address of "traditional" Classic. If only for the numbers shriveled. Yesterday at the pole, Tommasini met the teachers. As a matter of fact, laid down and decided, Tommasini put him on the bench. To clear the field of misunderstandings. "Let me be clear - he said - that we have no intention to cut the total number of addresses. If anything they are thinking whether to keep five colleges and one technical institute, or remove a technical high school and add an address. " That is, if you maintain the current wording of the 5 +1 or 4 +2 choose. Auditorium, the speakers' table also Nicoletta Minnei superintendent and principal Richard Aliprandini. At the center of the implementation of the reform Gelmini, that the Province of Bolzano is committed to introduce the next school year and the consequences that will, in this case, the pole for the Italian school of the city. The reasoning councilor - open to confrontation, there will be others after those yesterday - does not start, he said, by economic reasons. "Because - he emphasized - to the school there will be no contraction of resources it will be much less redundant teachers." Rather, Tommasini looks to the future of the boys in the coming years will come from high school and seek work. "Why in the province of Bolzano, Merano and how - he said - there is a shortage of technical colleges and a preponderance of high school education. I wonder then if it is not appropriate to strengthen the technical sphere is also looking to the world of work. Take an example. I doubt that in the coming years, the government can continue to take it as far. Rather, for example, we will be in great difficulty the lack of doctors. See, my reasoning is open and would like to engage with all these issues. " The timing of the implementation of the reform are tight. Tommasini reported that already in early November will be discussed in council and at the end of November and December is expected to be approved by the provincial executive. Tommasini return to Merano November 4 to meet in a public meeting, the parents. The principal Aliprandini defended throughout the school campus. For a number of reasons: "The inscriptions are stable and balanced between the various addresses, the addresses are well established in the city, the quality is quite good. Although we are aware that the institution Technical Sales is a bit 'weak. And then, around the pole for the Italians is a landmark educational and cultural. " By some teachers was stressed that serves a balanced education to all, regardless of the work will be done.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

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Balzarini you grant contributions

Alto Adige, 19 October 10

But the deputy mayor defends himself: "I resigned in early October"

Merano. If, in addition to abuse, also existed in the Civil Code the crime of "confusion in official records as" the junta Januth would certainly be actionable. So today, when self-help, the junta and ripproverà withdraw, without a resolution of the deputy mayor for contributions to youth organizations launched last week by a vote of Balzarini although two of the chairs benefit from public assistance. "I resigned from Strike Up and Center St. Maria Assunta still in early October, "he defends the leader of the Civic. Mayor and Aldermen last week approved the resolution 444 and assign the second installment of the youth associations, € 79 000 in all. Too bad that among the voters, there was also the deputy mayor, George Balzer same list in the Annex to resolution assignment was president of the youth center Strike Up, benefited with 9 000 € Youth and Centre of Santa Maria Assunta (another 2,500 euro). The deputy mayor is quick to point out, however: "I have resigned from the leadership of the Youth Centre and Strike Up came four days before arrival in the resolution in question." The fact is that today the acting mayor and aldermen override vote again and again in the absence of the deputy mayor. The action of self-defense, must also be said, did not start spontaneously by the local authority, but following a question tabled an opposition councilor. Yet last week the junta had to backtrack for a second time on the appointment of heads of office dating back to spring 2009. After the change tributes to the top office, the mayor and councilors yesterday were forced to acknowledge the decision of the employment tribunal that attaches to an official from the Municipality the responsibility of the private construction, a position that the Executive had instead assigned to another employee. A year and a half ago the council had chosen to apply the proportional ethnic appointments, forgetting that this criterion is only used at the time of the employee and not for subsequent appointments. Now the city will have to recognize the employee suffers more than a year bonus feature is not granted, without being able to claim against the employee who has played that role for a year and a half. But the "crime" of confusion does not stop at your local council, but even coming to the city council. This week the city council will vote again because two members of the supervisory board of Sasa, elected a month ago on a proposal from the SVP. The two professional choices, doctors and Angelika Silvia Platter Paler, so we read in the new resolution, they are not meeting requirements as it is not entered in the register of auditors and therefore the nominations proposed by the SVP will have to be redone. It remains the wonder of the choices made without first verifying the qualifications of nominees to the board. (ROG)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

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The City pays rent of € 700 000

Alto Adige, 16 October 10

Many for schools, but 35 000 are used for the parking of Aldermen

The Budget. Consequences of the policy of school construction and other delays in scheduling

Giuseppe Rossi

Merano. To overcome the lack of space and facilities the council spends more than € 700 000 in rent and leases. An enormous sum, especially compared to twenty million investment that is allocated each. Among the taxes there are also 19 private car parks. Holiday heavy also influence the investment policies of the City and that perhaps could have been saved if the city had planned better in the years the education sector. Most of that money each year come from the municipal coffers are used to pay rents of buildings that house the elementary schools or kindergartens, but not all. Over € 35 000 each year are paid from the municipal treasury all'Algunder Weinkeller, owners of underground parking that is located behind the municipal building with an outlet on Via Galilei. The City for some years he leased 19 covered parking spaces (150 euro per month for cars) that are used to park in the evening means, in particular those of servicing the elderly, but that day is occupied by vehicles or personnel assessors who work in town. But it happens that those places are used by the media service of police, who are often busy parking places assigned to them in front of the Prince's castle. In recent weeks seems to be running out a proposed reorganization of the parking spaces in the square in front of the castle, which should lead to at least half of 35 000 € paid today. While delaying indefinitely the time for completion of the new city museum, the City pays the Raiffeisen Bank of street racing stables and a private street 89 000 euro per year to house and display materials. Others are paid € 80 000 for the availability of Villa Maria, the building housing the elderly transferred from villa Burgund. For availability of Vereinshaus Street Parish, this owned by Raiffeisen, in addition to the City for hundreds of thousands of euro for the restructuring, paying yearly rent of € 72 000 in order to provide the salt associations. For grades Rosegger are paid to the Ladies English 157 000 € for rent, others end up in the evangelical community 74 000 for primary Pascoli. To accommodate the branches of the German and Italian nursery schools, the Society collects Seraphic € 86 000 per year, some 44 000 € Elisabethheim end to the foundation. Current expenditure weighing on the budget of City Merano. And it is a few hours ago the news, anticipated by our own newspaper, the mayor had to "scissor kick" the investment program for next year: the 70 million euro needed for the interventions originally planned, there will be only 22.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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Combi "frozen" the new forum. The priority is to shore

Alto Adige, 14 October 10

The City will proceed with the restructuring of the old one: it costs "only" 2.1 million €

Ezio Danieli

Merano. It has been updated investment plan for the renovation of the stadium, "Giampiero Combi and the refurbishment of the pools of the nearby public beach. The decision was taken by the City Council at its last meeting. Following various remediation, the cost of the work of the first batch, which includes an expansion of the stadium, has risen from 2.7 million to € 3.3 million. Also reversed the response time of the grandstand as the priority is to heal the tanks of the nearby public beach. The stated objective of the board - on the basis of statements made by the project manager ing. Bruno Marth - is to conclude the athletics track and football field by the spring of next year. "You have to go a bit 'at a time - said the mayor - to avoid a financial impact on what was expected."
Meanwhile, the Combi, the work resumed on August 6 last year: there is the reclamation to be completed pending the arrival delivery of risk. In some areas you can still operate, and then we will proceed with the construction of the tunnel that passes under the athletics track, will allow access for athletes from the football locker room. According to the mayor, the athletics track - in compliance with federal standards will be longer than the previous year - should be ready by next spring. "Although we must consider the risk associated with the weather." Same deadline for the completion of the football field with a decision of the City Council has chosen to bring forward to the work of the third batch Combi - involve the renovation of old forum for an amount of € 2.1 million - and to postpone the second batch involves the construction of the new forum for spending more than € 4 million.
The choice was dictated by the need to intervene with the adjoining public beach where - immediately at the end of the summer season next year - will need to complete the refurbishment of swimming pools.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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Minniti, "Hippodrome, save the grove"

Alto Adige, 12 October 10
the Provincial Council of PDL rise against the redevelopment of City and Province

Merano. "Who killed Brinder this time on the poplars of the hippodrome? Personally I do not I did 18 years ago and I will not even now, do not agree with the new redevelopment of horse racing where you plan to sacrifice another significant piece of poplar wood and then to create public green area of \u200b\u200bquestionable location and perhaps questionable use. " This was stated in a note by the Provincial Council of the PDL Mauro Minniti, after the advance of the call for tenders relating to the competition of ideas for the redevelopment of the Hippodrome of Merano Alto Adige just published yesterday. Minniti recalled that in the past was the center, with the Socialist Party in government together with the Christian Democrats, to welcome the proposal to remove all the existing green area to make room for Meranarena. Today, changing alliances - said in a statement the provincial council of the PDL - but it seems that the product remains the same and there seems to be the will on the one hand and the availability of the other to file another significant piece of public green hippodrome. "I am appalled by this solution which, if confirmed, I consider unnecessary - puntalizza Minniti - having the province, a few years, the availability of military areas in front of the plant where it could meet the equestrian facilities that the City's intention is to place ' inside of the racecourse, sacrificing more green. " "I think - says Minniti - a fiercely political that brings back years of confrontation on the revitalization of the hippodrome. And I am surprised that the City council has been able to approve a plan of this kind, such as trading off the relaunch of the same structure with the inclusion of new disciplines horse that could be located elsewhere. " "I hope its not that at least this project has been approved unanimously by the City Council and I hope that the Province itself, which I will address appropriately, understand better how the indoor activities, which seems so dear to her and the City, can find the most appropriate location, "concludes Minniti, expressing satisfaction in the overall project," although I fear the risk that is impractical demolish the boundary wall of the hippodrome area being protected by the artistic heritage. "

Monday, October 11, 2010

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'Building' to the City, "Investing in young people" Ready

Alto Adige, 11 October 10

Home, Work and Culture: The project of the PDL near and Mauro Minniti announces: "I will make a draft law"
Merano . Revolutionary proposal made recently by "Building", the loose association of center-right. Andrea De Martino and Alfonso Ponticelli - after a brief presentation by Mauro Minniti, provincial council announced that the presentation of a draft law on - "Building" presented a detailed study on young people "in order to invest in them and they become really active part of society" focusing in particular on three key points. "1) provided the opportunity for development through a facilitated access to funding, 2) educational agreement on for Community and Youth in order to create the conditions where young people can continue their experience and autonomy: 3) provided institutional through which young people and their efforts are adequately supported by public authorities on the two previous aspects. "" Building "- which notes the absence in all the municipalities of the Province of the Local Plan Young - Is addressed in particular the municipal administration (which has requested a meeting) to ask "what are the costs for the sector such as young people and approved projects that go beyond the usual ideological paraphernalia related only to youth centers, clubs and more '. In a nutshell, are divided into three groups, the demands of "Building" and refer to job placement, availability, housing and cultural development which includes, inter alia, the promotion of cultural, sporting and environmental well that the voluntary establishment of World Youth Days. (Ed)

Stratos Parts And Seats

12.5 million for the redevelopment of the racecourse

Alto Adige 11 October 10

Posted tender for the design

Instead of the grove area, 2,800 meters indoor

Giuseppe Rossi

Merano. The revival of the hippodrome of Maia, his openness to a more accessible to citizens, passing through the competition of ideas that the City is preparing to publish. The other day, the junta has approved the publication of the notice which will cover 35 hectares of green space including Andreina Borgo. For the project are made available € 12 million and a half, a figure that is bound to make many throats, especially in view of obtaining the task of the final design. Suffice it to say that one of the top experts in the field, the Portuguese architect Eduardo Socuto de Morra, declined the invitation made to chair the judging committee, as it intends to participate in the contest of ideas. The opening of the horse to the city was beginning one of the requests made by the Province to make funds available to relaunch the plant. Only 15 among the experts who will join the call for tenders will be invited to submit a project. The winner will collect a prize of € 35 000 in addition to the almost certainty of having the post of executive planning. But now in addition to money, are written black and white that guidelines that designers should follow to participate in the contest of ideas. HORSE AREA. The track will be organized to accommodate over all'ostacolistica also races cross country, dressage and to host the Haflinger. The green areas will be marginal and open to the public on a permanent basis. ROD. Must be rethought with dessellaggio area. The new rods will be equipped with a flight of steps to accommodate up to 500 spectators. SHOPS. The wall between Via Palade and forums will be cut down, thus opening the area to public use. On the ground floor of the stands will rise offices and shops. TRIBUNE. The new racecourse grandstand will have a capacity of eight thousand spectators. They will be equipped with a training room with views of the runway. On the ground floor must be located a bar with restaurant, conference and exhibition to be used not only during the run. The upper floors will also produce VIP rooms and catering facilities. INDOOR ACTIVITIES. One of the most full-bodied car to cover the poplar grove. Parking will be underground and replacing the trees will be built a shed for indoor activities. Will host a trail 70x40 feet, 20 boxes, locker rooms, 100 per box competitions, press area and a forum for three thousand seats. Outside there will be room for at least 50 vans. The shed can also be used to host concerts music. VILLAGE ANDREINA. The village should be improved the look receptive. Have to be built at least 100 boxes to house a carousel horses and training. The village will be connected to the racetrack with a subway or street sovrapasso Palade.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

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Via Roma: work extended throughout the month

Alto Adige, 9 October 10

had to finish the weekend. Alternating one-way and cars queued

Merano. Bad news for motorists: the work in Via Roma, generators unnerving columns into and out of town, will not end as expected by this weekend but will continue until later this month. An ordinance of the Mayor has in fact an extension of the alternating one-way street in the section between Parish and access all'Interspar. Next, one row at a time, then, until October 30 to allow the laying of district heating network. With a view to reopening the highway in both directions of traffic, motorists using the artery-Merano Sinigo began to sell off the anger mounted trooped weeks. Now, presumably, rimonterà. A lot of the international criticism on the choice of the municipal administration and when to perform the work: you could find alternative solutions, was denounced by those who unwillingly lost time in the column, maybe even working only at night. Alternative that, according to the commander of the municipal police Fabrizio Piras, there would be no. Otherwise, that is, it was not possible to do. Piras hoped the closure of the shipyard on time appealing to the patience of motorists. Instead must bring new large doses of tolerance. The alternating one-way will continue to be regulated by movieri from 7 to 19, and the traffic lights at night. Another order signed by the mayor in recent days concerns via Huber, road certainly less "strategic" in terms of transportation, but still central. Yet the work of the district are the reason for the work: to be affected will be the stretch between Via and Via Meinhard Goethe where until October 30 is the traffic ban in force. Riparian and cyclists can pass according to the job. (Sim)

Friday, October 8, 2010

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Building: trip to Perugia and visit the city and the exhibition "The theater of the dream by Chagall in Fellini

Build-News, 8 October 10

Building, Merano association that aims to actively live the city in both the political and the proposed cultural organization for the days 26, 27 and November 28, 2010, in collaboration with the Zonal Committee of AIG (Italian Association of Hotels Youth) to Merano, a trip to Perugia to visit the city and the exhibition "The theater of dreams, from Chagall to Fellini.

The initiative is open to all, gives people the opportunity Merano to touch the symbol of early twentieth-century pair, in the exhibition of Perugia, with contemporary art, the various "surrealism" with some of the most striking expressions of Cinema.Nel exhibition, set up like the wings of an ideal stage, take place over 100 works by some protagonists of the visual arts and film from the early twentieth century to contemporary, even symbolically represented by Marc Chagall and Federico Fellini. Some of the most important representatives of the surrealist movement, along with the artists of the twentieth century in the heart were measured with the unconscious (Salvador Dali, De Chirico, Miro, Botero, just to name a few) interact with the visionary experiences related to the first dream, in the exhibition with works by Boccioni, Boecklin, Klee, Klinger, Nomellini, Previati.
A key part of the exhibition is devoted to the movies, the surrealism of Bunuel, the absurdity of Beckett, "Sleep" by Warhol, Hitchcock and pay homage to Federico Fellini in addition to the film "The Clown" and "The City Women "are proposed posters and original drawings of his famous" Book of Dreams. "

The departure from Merano is expected in the early morning of 26/11, arriving early afternoon in Perugia, hotel accommodation, free afternoon, dinner at the hotel. Saturday, 27/11 visit to the exhibition and in the afternoon, the center of Perugia, meeting and return to the hotel for dinner. Sunday, 28/11 starting from Perugia after breakfast and return to Merano in the afternoon. The full program will be communicated to participants in the Gita.

PARTICIPATION RATES per person in double room, double or family:
PARTNERS 'BUILD' and AIG (member of both associations) € 160.00
MEMBERS "BUILD" € 170.00 € 200.00

NON-MEMBER CHARGE SINGLE € 10.00 / € 50.00 per night

ADVANCE BOOKING payable on postal account 71347934 made out to cash or Adolfo Minniti on Tuesday morning (10:00 to 12:30) at the office of Piazza Vittorio Veneto Sinigo, balance within the 15/11/2010

RESERVATIONS DEADLINE: 31/10/2010 by telephone at 3461258012 or 3455701388 or Tuesday morning (10:00 to 12:30) at the office of Piazza Vittorio Veneto Sinigo - The trip will be made to achieve the minimum number of 25 participants.

The price includes: round trip

with buspernottamento, buffet breakfast and dinner in albergorifacimento lettibiglietto Show it to the entry fee does not include anything not expressly specified in "Price includes"

For 346.1258012 -

Thursday, October 7, 2010

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Cinema in the city, goodbye to the project

L'Adige, 7 October 10

Balzer: "There are private investors." Ariston as a fallback

Merano. The dawn of the dreams of celluloid is increasingly remote. Tomorrow is the village school launched the new season of Film / Associnema, a partnership that is committed to fill the void of the big screen in the city but for the return of a real cinema the future is dark. At dawn the possibility of reopening the Apollo (excessive costs), without the interest of private investors in the City is unable to expose themselves. "The intention to work for the reopening of a cinema with multilingual programming" is written line of the program of the bargain. However, the reality of the facts in the face slams lack of private investors and the fierce competition of the halls of Bolzano. In half an hour's car was beautiful sitting in comfortable chairs, having failed to elect the film between the different films. In Merano cinephiles, orphans of Italian cinema from 2004 and a German last year, is the commendable work of support groups, but for obvious reasons, are able to offer films released several months before or retrospectives dedicated to particular lines, directors and actors. And local "lent" to the cinema, as the auditorium of the village school, rather than the great hall of the center of culture and civic hall of the former baths, living room features far removed from modern multiplex. A niche film or "second window" is, in short, that offered today to Merano. A bid that the administration will seek to improve, but without illusions: no mention of new cinema. "We're looking at - said the deputy mayor George Balzer, head of the junta in Italian culture - the possibility to exploit the Ariston. The hall is owned by the Province and is used as a lecture hall by the Institute German business. The idea is to agree with school leaders share a room, for example by offering to use film in the evening. " It then faded the idea of \u200b\u200breopening the Apollo, Via Matteotti room that housed up to 2009 films in German. For Apollo had shown interest this past spring, the Bolzano Filmclub who had been in contact with the council asking for support, including economic, for which the junta had left space opened up. To stop the dreams we have made the required 350 000 € at the time for the sale of the Raffeisen Leasing, which would have had to add the costs of remediation. Too many cases for municipal and obviously also for any business. "If the opportunity were to materialize Ariston - Balzarini continues - it will not be a private cinema footprint. The City would take place through associations and cooperatives. The structure of the Ariston has been engineered to function as a cinema, remain to be addressed so the only costs for the equipment that the administration could take over. As for the possibility of buying a room by the municipality to be entrusted to a private management then it would be a street only beatable if you come along some entrepreneurs. But for now no one has knocked on the door. " The idea, then, is to provide the associations that offer screenings of a room more suited to the needs, making reference to the nationality they may have a more continuous and comprehensive programming. This is now a realistic prospect of cinema in Merano. For the science fiction look elsewhere.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

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Set as "Bobo" Light!

Today I would like to say a few words to tell you how we take pictures of my jewelry.

start from the premise that having a husband for photographer helps a lot, but I am a very proud and stubborn and I like to do everything by myself!

read a little here and there on the net I found a simple way to take pictures to "effect" for our jewelry, is to use a light tent , that is a box with three walls covered of semi-transparent material (plastic, fabric, light paper, opal) that allows us to obtain a diffused light and natural on our parts, softening the shadows.
The most important thing is that the light must be white, ie, cold, daylight, you'll end up working forced to intervene with the white balance and exposure on your camera, or to arrange your photos with Photoshop.

On the web there are several interesting tutorial on how to build one at no cost, here are some links:
and this is my light box, named "Bobo Light" made especially for me since hubby!

I have experienced, through the photos of my first two collections of necklaces made on different days, the best light is natural.
In a sunny day, just put the box outside and let it hit the side of the box by a beam of daylight to get photos almost perfect, intervening only partially on the picture with white balance in the levels of Photoshop.

On rainy days, however, the "problem" is solved as follows:

In this case, for the wise use of light, I could not help but let me set up set by a professional photographer! :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

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Ex Bristol, license not renewed

South Tyrol, 5 October 10

plainchant from 2009 Tosolini takes time, but the City says no

The administration of Mayor Januth gives a strict interpretation of the rules on Urban

Giuseppe Rossi

Merano. For ten days in the yard of the former Bristol hotel everything is still, still. Even a worker who moves to a tool or an excavator that some rock piles in-depth discovery. But if someone could think the first was to stall the company, now the block comes to municipal taxation. On September 22 the building permit has expired by the City in March 2005 was issued to the Habitat Spa, a company that had decided to demolish the former hotel is built in its place a major commercial and residential center in the heart of Merano. The technical department of the City Council has decided to reject the second extension of the work required entrepreneur Peter Tosolini to address, among other things, the crisis in the construction industry. Now the company Habitat, to return to work on site will require the release of a new concession building, facing the risk of having to deal with new regulations adopted in the construction industry. The big dig made between Corso and Via Libertà Huber, close to the center-Segantini Da Vinci school in the plans of the construction company would have to host this year a new complex multi-targeting. For the first two floors with space for trade shops and a supermarket (using the license transfer of the former Omnis / Standa on Via Leopardi) upstairs space to workshops and studies in technical / professional side of Via Huber and homes on the side of Theatre Square. The broad project team shall be signed by the architect Boris Podrecca, the same trader that in recent years has changed and so Rena Square Savings Bank. The original plan had landed in the building commission in 2004 and was approved in March 2005. The controversy had been born a few days after, but not for the destination of the airspace inherited from the hotel Bristol, and for the opportunity given to the owner to build over two hundred cars in the underground (mostly available to the shopping center), with consequences for the road course in Liberty. The company, since the granting of the concession, had a year to begin work and from that point three years to complete them. In September 2008, the Habitat, as he approached the end date of construction, had requested an extension of the concession. The City had issued, leaving two more years to finish the work. Those two years have expired on September 22 last year. The new request for an extension in May this year the manufacturer has not had the outcome of the previous year and was rejected by the City. The stop now risks imposed to prolong indefinitely the construction site, leaving an unused portion of major cities, in addition to fences that are not sure if a fine show. Now the word is obviously intended to go to law firms. "The heavy economic crisis that hit in recent years, particularly on construction and manufacturing sectors in particular - it is argued that in the instance of the re-examination submitted by the mayor Tosolini Januth - factor is certainly unintended by the concessionaire. As before Merano have evaluated many other municipalities, from Verona to Parma to say nothing of the Provinces of Trento and Bolzano with their anti-crisis measures. "

Monday, October 4, 2010

White Shirt Sock Suspenders

remote collaborative project - part one!

After these premises:
Friday I received the material by Margaret speditomi.

Here are the details of the wonderful Liberty floral print fabrics:


the cuff:

With these materials I have to make two bracelets (one for me and one for Margaret) with Japanese-inspired flower , from time to time documenting their work, through their blogs, and exchanging information and photos via email, to its completion.

Now I just have to take a needle and thread and start!

Dkny Striped Obi Sash Which Year Is?

Committees, three quarters to the polls in the parking lot IPES Sinigo

Alto Adige, 4 October 10

Sinigo, San Vigilio and Wolkenstein in November elect new bodies

Decentralization - In recent years there have been strong tensions with the local administration

(ROG) - Merano. The participation of public administration in city neighborhoods has experienced ups and downs, including tensions in recent years. Now with the management Caramel Genovese councilor is trying to launch in November and so there will be three quarters of which will be called to the polls to re-organisms: Sinigo, San Vigilio and Wolkenstein. Three districts, which collect a substantial slice of the population residing in the city, so get ready to hold elections for the renewal of their committees. The bodies were born spontaneously and managed with voluntary work by their members, who in recent years have made a point of contact with the filter and administration. During the month of November the people of Sinigo, Maia Bassa and inland Toti / Wolkenstein will be asked to express their preferences by choosing among the candidates that will be proposed for the role of a member of a committee of the district. The three presidents, respectively, Roberto Scala, Adriano Toccolini Zipperle and Paul, in agreement with the satellite office of the City have started the statutory procedures for the renewal of the bodies. Very likely the dates of Sunday 14 and 21 November. The main task for all the presidents and the retiring members is to proselytize, or to convince the people of those districts to nominate and participate massively in the vote. The recent experience with the renewals of the ward committees Santa Maria Assunta, but also in Piazza San Vigilio and Sinigo three years ago, talking about really low turnout. The only requirements for candidates to fill the role of representative of the neighborhood committee is to be an adult and reside in the same district. The status of each of the three committees and establishes the rules of internal representation, so that each route or area of \u200b\u200bthe district is present. A Maia Bassa, for example, the Committee will have among its five representatives from Piazza San Vigilio, 3 Baker Street and a neighborhood of St. Anthony. A Sinigo the division is even greater, since the Statute of the Committee shall take account of the village, the area around the church of St. Joseph, via Fermi, the production area and other reality yet. As a Wolkenstein be finally involved the residents of Via Toti, Via Leopardi, Via Monte Tessa and also via Petrarca. Anyone interested in're ready to apply, contact the decentralization of the City or directly to the presidents of the districts. For Untermais accessions should be communicated by October 20 by e-mail san.vigilio.mer @ or by phone at 347.0319657.

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A new waste collection center

Alto Adige, 4 October 10

(ROG) Merano. May arise in the parking lot of the new condominiums IPES point of waste collection organized by municipal company. It's up to the neighborhood committee to decide whether the proposed solution Sinigo by ASM will be ideal for people living around Victoria Square. The solution presented some years ago by Asm, with the placement of two containers to press two crosses on the side of the square was rejected by the committee. This and others were the main topics of the meeting held earlier this week between the Committee chaired by Alderman Robert Scala decentralization Carmelo Genovese. All 'event was also attended by Peter Norcia, responsible Asm services environment. Among the points raised, in addition to the renewal of the Committee by the end of the year, there have been other action taken or in progress by the municipality in the district. There has been talk of sidewalk construction along Via Nazionale from the bar to the establishment Memco Tourism, the new release of Erdbau to facilitate the release of the new media and asphalting of internal roads at different village after laying the pipes for district heating. One of the topics ultimately the school projects. A January start work to extend the kindergarten Regina Elena in the new year and always will be banned from the Commune the competition of ideas for building the new elementary school Italian and German Sinigo, next to the headquarters of the library.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

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FAKE! Lanvin satin ribbon pearl necklace Necklaces

For the realization of this series I was inspired to the one worn by Sarah Michelle Gellar at the American Film Institute Fest 2007.

The necklace in question is from Lanvin and is made satin ribbon and faux pearls (glass) and is sold for the modest sum of $ 715.00 (elsewhere I've found a minus, to € 295, probably because the short half!).

Here my necklaces in detail, with the ability to achieve them, on request, in other colors.

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